Friday, November 20, 2009


I haven been mood to. Now all i wana do is to vet out all my fustration i felt for myself... I haven been doing well academically this term and i have a paper tml but i just cnt concentrate. Exams start tml and im not prepared.

i'm worried for my monday paper...which i haven been doing well since the start...its the worse of my nightmare cos it involves memorisizing...all i gota do now is to buck up and i cannot let everyone down. My cap cannot drop...I dun wana end what ive started so soon...pls god be on my side. Haiz

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Family outing @ ubin

went to Ubin last saturday with my family to cycle... this was initiated by my dad and at first i was unwilling to go but in the end he was the one complaining that my mum dragged him along and he complained throughout the journey...haiz...he hasnt been exercising for decades thats why...

its was deepavali so... there's lots of indians... really alot... saw lots of things but too bad the tide at chek Jawa was didnt get to see the wildlife there except crabs in the inner part of the mangroves... Got a really ugly tan and my skin is peeling off.... the weird thing is that im the only one that got a tan... lolx

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Half way thro year 2 sem 1

I havent got the time to blog, and blogging didnt come into my mind even if i do had the time... lots of things have happened.

during recess week, i went for a jcrc pulau ubin 2D1N OBS camp. Tiring but fun. woke up very early for it and trade my study time for the experience. there were a total of 36 of us.

First adgenda was to mingle around wif the other halls pple (still in mainland) and next stop was at the punggol beach area. our task was to swim out into the sea to reach our boats and kayakt over to the pulau ubin OBS site which was just adjacent from where we started off. Did rockclimbing and some obstacles in the air. it was tiring but a great experience. After dinner, we hav this river crossing game. coordination was the key. The next dae, which was our last dae, we had a small expedition just around camp. We built two rafts to using poles, barrels and ropes. our task was to use those rafts that we bulit to row ourselves at sea back to camp. the tide us when we set off and the current was rather strong. i was sitting at the back so i didnt row, but i noe those guys that rowed, it was tough to control the raft. Despite that, of course we made it back to the camp, though our design of the raft wa not the ideal one, it was great working wif the pple.

my inner tighs itched and was stinging after camp... must be cos of the sea. thinking of the event reminds me of blackie. A stray black friendly dog that loves company. it kinda followed us wherever we went.

the photos are on fb... =)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

When sch starts....

Its week 3 but im ady so busy wif stuffs here and there. not much time to study and personal time... =(

AGM's tonite and after todae, im offically up in my 'hot' seat. jap is taking up most of my time and i dun understand stats!!!! =( i dun like stats. I just hope my c.a.p wont drop.... it cannot drop!!!! =( need to catch up.... looking forward to ecology lab... heehee but thats next week aww...

Going back to mugging again...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rag day 2009

Its been a long journey and 3 mths pass by like that. I used to think that 3 mths is such a long time but wen ure busy everything went by so quick. Our hard work finally pay off and we won the overall best float and the most environmental friendly award. We all cried wen we tot we didnt get anything cos the award that we aimed for has seeked another owner, and we wonder why because it cnt b compared to ours except the mechanism!!! bs the judging was screwed up both in faculty and hall for this award.

aniwae, since we won the best float, we can go to chingay. never in this history of KE7 that we won the award and never had we had the chance to represent ourselves and NUS in chingay!!!!! I'm so proud to be in KE7. i never regret a single moment abt staying here from the first time i set my foot in this hall. It's been intergrated into my lifestyle and i committed myself to this hall. Now that Rag and Flag has ended, its time to settle down and start school and a brand new role awaits for me in this wonderful hall im currently in. I love KE, we love KE7!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The last lap

Float is really coming to an end and i cnt wait. the last 2 daes, no i shld sae the last dae of preparation to win and this time we are ready to win BIG. everybody's hard work will pay off on sat and i really cnt wait tho we have to stay awake for the whole nite and day tml and sat.

be ready to be wowed by us if anyone is going for rag day. FORWARD and ONWARD we go!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

6 more days

Thro Float i realise that there's really many diff types of people, personality, styles and strengths. My artist head for one in my view is a complete freaky weirdo. seriously. For one he HATES life science and Loves everything that have to do with China and chinese and yet he's a life sci mjr and is going to 4th yr cos then his frens r all in bio class thus he took bio. Like Harlo??? nobody forces u to study bio cos if u dun u will lose all yr frens??? anyway he's a total emo king and FREAKING antisocial skinny weak naggy annoying and disgusting guy wif lots of leg hair. and im not afraid to say that i totally loathe him. i dun even want to see him. he throws a whole empty wall and ask me to do & saes he has no time to help me customise a scale yet he has time to help others paste theirs. wth. when he say he will come and help later that wld mean that he only come and SEE my progress and go back to help others. he uses pen to draw lines on a black surface. have some common sense pls, u cnt even c the lines properly. he nv help me complete a single task. in my point of view he seriously failed and sux as a leader. so wat if he doesnt want to take this job. from this i definately can c that he has nv been a leader and this job is overbearing for this noob. since u took it, u shld b responsible to the end. 6 more days and hurray. really. i had enuff of him and todae im vetting out my anger and fustration here in this entry.

Met people that r contrasting to my style. the things that i hate to do may b smth that others love. =) its fun working wif them except my section head cos i totally dislike him. anyway. lets get it over and done wif.